Spice Routes owner, Judy Staunko, is a world traveler, social architect, entrepreneur, exquisite caterer, and creator of sacred  spaces.

About Us

Judy makes the most delicious soups that are true comfort food!

Soups to go! The perfect food Item to pick up and have in you refrigerator or freezer. Judy ‘s African Nut Soup is famous!


Food “to go” Is handy and deliciously prepared. Just call to order. Chicken Marbella featured here.


A Cafe, a Catering Company, & More

Spice Routes delivers delicious, creative fare, beautifully! Whether you're in the mood for a soul-satisfying lunch or in need of a holiday meal for hundreds, Spice Routes is there to help. We are so much more than food. We're about creating a place, a space, and a way to nourish your soul.

Lunch open Tuesday-Friday 11:30-2:30.

Sunday Brunch 10:00-1:30

460  46th Ave  N, St Petersburg,  FL  33703


In ancient times, traders traveled from  Asia, India, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe with spices, incense, perfumes, and treasures, establishing what became known as the SPICE ROUTES. Trade along the SPICE ROUTES fueled the economies of the East, Middle East, and Europe from the end of the Middle Ages to modern times, and fostered cultural and commercial exchanges between diverse lands. 

     Just as ancient SPICE ROUTES brought people together in ways that broadened their horizons and enriched their experience of the world, SPICE ROUTES CAFE AND CATERING are meeting grounds where people of all ages, and from all walks of life, come to share life, love, wit, and wisdom over delicious food.

     SPICE ROUTES creates welcoming spaces for community, friends, and loved ones to develop and thrive.

       SPiICE  ROUTES offers  items ,   like soups and vegan collard  greens, on the Saturday  Morning  Market  Online  at  www.StPetersburg.localfoodmarketplace.com  where  local   farmers  and  producers offer  their  goods.


Market Organizer

Market Organizer

Market Organizer

Judy Staunko is one of the founders of St Petersburg's Saturday Morning Market in Downtown St Pete.

Judy is one of the founding organizers of the Saturday Morning Market in  St  Petersburg, FL. Food Vendors, Retail & Community gathering place.  Find  Judy’s  soups  on  Saturday  Morning  Market  Online.  


Market Organizer

Market Organizer


What about A dessert bar for your next event? Homemade cakes, pies, and specialty assortments. The Sunday  Brunch  Buffet  always  offers  several  desserts  to  choose  from. Stop in for a piece of cake with coffee  during the  week!


Market Organizer

Mediterranean Healthy


You know you can always tell a chef by their soups! Some of our specialties are Watermelon  Gazpacho, Curried  Cauliflower, Chicken and Homemade Dumplings & Mayan Pumpkin and Corn.

Mediterranean Healthy

We Cater to Groups & Meetings

Mediterranean Healthy


Spice Routes caters to all food tastes, including Vegetarian, Vegan, and overall health conscious lifestyles. Looking to indulge? We can provide those menus also. Pasta Buffet anyone?

We Cater to Groups & Meetings

We Cater to Groups & Meetings

We Cater to Groups & Meetings



Spice Routes partners with First Unity Church, and there are several meeting spaces for rent. Break for lunch in the Cafe, or have your food delivered.

Some of our Clients

We Cater to Groups & Meetings

We Cater to Groups & Meetings


Buckley and Fudge, PA

City of St. Petersburg,  FL

Mahaffey Theatre

Pet Angels

Studio @ 620

Taoist Tai Chi Society


Sample Menu




Lunch Cafe

Lunch Cafe

Are you looking for someone to provide personalized food and service at your next event? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect meal for a business lunch, wedding, cocktail reception, and more!


Lunch Cafe

Lunch Cafe

Lunch Cafe

Spice Routes operates a lunch cafe inside First Unity Church Tues-Sun

 (460 46th Ave N, St Pete, FL 33703).

Daily specials

Reasonably priced

Hot and cold items

Warm hospitality

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Let's chat about food!

I know you're busy, but let's take some time to talk  about what experience  you'd like  to  create.

Inside First Unity Church's Lagatutta Hall

460 46th Ave n, St Petersburg, FL 33703



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Better yet, see us in person! 460 46th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33703

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.



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11:30 am – 02:30 pm

Please don't hesitate to call Judy for further information

 (727) 422-7283.